Garden Nursery in Ampthill | Located in Cardington Village

Let us take you on a tour of our garden nursery in Cardington Village, located just ten miles to the northwest of nearby Ampthill. Our business partners extend a warm welcome to the public and, of course, members of the trade. Established as far back as 1971, our company supplies seasonal shrubs, hanging baskets and bedding plants to complement garden space, and specialises in two of the most popular products in our range; laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials. But that’s not all we offer, as we also serve as the Ampthill area’s local supplier of compost and farmyard manure, ensuring you can keep your space fed and healthy!

Because the prices at our garden nursery tend to be 40% lower than those charged by our competitors, our Ampthill customers never mind travelling a few extra miles to see us.

Our stock, however, doesn’t travel at all. In fact, we grow bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, native hedging, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials right here at our garden nursery. This helps us to yield a stock that is not only higher in terms of quality, but which also makes everything more affordable for our Ampthill customers to purchase.


Shrubs are a small wood plant, smaller in size than a tree, with stems that arise from, or near, the ground. Some have pretty flowers, which makes them particularly suitable for those who like a splash of colour in their gardens. The amount of sunlight and moisture that shrubs require depends very much on the species you choose from our garden nursery. The same goes for the frequency of application of natural fertilisers such as compost and farmyard manure.

Because shrubs bring an element of shade to garden space, they work well when planted next to shade-loving flowers – especially when both have a stark colour contrast.

Try planting shrubs closer to an Ampthill home for more internal shade during the summer months and save money on keeping temperatures cool with an expensive air conditioning system. Shrubs also encourage the presence of local wildlife so, if you like to watch birds flying in the spring or the squirrels frolicking in the late summer, our stock range tends to attract them.

Bedding Plants

Create a miniature landscape by using bedding plants in a planter and transform the appearance of a patio, a driveway or a hidden corner of the garden. Annual bedding plants do a fantastic job of bridging gaps in outdoor spaces that already have herbaceous perennials in place. For those who like a regular change in colour, try changing bedding plants on a seasonal basis.

Our garden nursery always has an exciting selection of plants and planters available, and we work closely with visitors from Ampthill to preserve annual colours in their garden space. Bespoke advice is always available on keeping bedding plants healthy, for example via the use of our carefully concocted compost blends and properly sourced farmyard manure.

Use spring bedding plants to herald the arrival of summer and start your annual landscape with a welcome dash of life while the rest of the garden wakes. Keep displays luscious with new plants in the summer and, as the autumn arrives, turn your mind to a hardier species that can survive earlier frosts and still add a natural touch of colour to a cool, late theme. These plants can also be placed in hanging baskets to bring a touch of colour to eye-level.

Laurel Hedging

A fast-growing evergreen that provides an excellent alternative to conifers, laurel hedging forms well around the perimeters of your Ampthill property or as a means of separating different sections of the garden. Rapid growth never presents a problem. Cut back laurel hedging right to the stump and watch it regrow quickly into a luscious new garden hedge.

This species grows equally well in complete sunlight or in full shade, and comes in varieties such as the Cherry Common Laurel, the Portuguese Laurel and the Bay Laurel.

Based on the species you decide upon, laurel hedging displays light green, dark green or variegated leaves and grows to heights of up to 7m. For those who like to keep a hedge under better control, laurel varieties trim back well at low heights to reduce brambles and bracken. Our garden nursery, close to Bedford, has a full range of laurel hedging on display.

Herbaceous Perennials

Annual bedding plants go through an entire lifecycle in a single year, from the point of germination to crop production, and then die off. Herbaceous perennials make an ideal choice for busy Ampthill hobbyists and traders because they live for several years. They bloom, crop and die seasonally, but rootstocks remain and new flowers grow the next year.

Herbaceous perennials also have a positive impact on the soil structure, and open up small channels so that water percolates and aerates for the benefit of nearby bedding plants.

The deeper roots of herbaceous perennials reach deeper into the soil to bring nutrients closer to the surface, and this also helps in the growth and health of other plants, especially when proper compost or farmyard manure is used at the right increments. The roots even draw up moisture from the soil to stop it from drying out and eroding during periods of strong wind. Our garden nursery supplies fruit and vegetable perennials in many varieties – alongside complimentary products such as hanging baskets.

Call our garden nursery on 01234 838383 or make the short trip from Ampthill to Cardington Village and browse through our impressive stock range personally.