Bedding Plants and Shrubs in Bedford | Grown Onsite at our Garden Nursery

There’s a certain reassurance to buying bedding plants, hanging baskets and shrubs from a local garden nursery that you don’t get from a big-name retailer. Great service is just one of the many benefits to choosing our premises in Cardington Village, near Bedford. Choice is another and, in addition to plants and shrubs, we also supply bulbs, native hedging, laurel hedging, herbaceous perennials and more.

We welcome retail customers and members of the trade so, if you plan on transforming a landscape around your home, or if you have customers in the Bedford area yourself who deserve the same great service we can deliver to you, visit our garden nursery today. Both trade and domestic clients may also be interested in our compost and farmyard manure supply service, which will ensure you can feed your garden or farm with proper nutrients, all year round.

Alternatively, please call us on 01234 838383 to discuss your requirements.

Healthier Shrubs, Plants and Hedging

A local garden nursery can supply you with a healthier product and, at Cottage Farm Nurseries, we grow our stock onsite. This means our bedding plants and shrubs, hanging baskets, and even our laurel hedging and perennials, never suffer the trauma of transportation. We invest into our stock from seed, all the way through to the point of supply, and we guarantee our Bedford customers a product of superior quality on every purchase. This quality also extends to our compost and farmyard manure, which is nutritionally rich and therefore goes a long way; this also makes it rather cost efficient.

Just as importantly, we can keep our prices as much as 40% lower than those charged by major retailers because we never have to absorb as many costs.

Knowledgeable Staff and Team Members

Talk to employees working for a gardening centre on a retail park in Bedford and, while they always mean well, the one thing you’ll usually notice is a lack of first-hand experience in any form of horticulture. This is never the case at our garden nursery. We only employ staff who understand our products and can answer your questions, and who can provide you with the best advice not just on their care, but also on what to do if something goes wrong.

We can advise you on the best plants and shrubs for the spring/summer and the autumn/winter months, on which trees will grow healthy in local soil conditions, and on whether native or laurel hedging will work best for creating a feature or a boundary. We can also advise on the most effective uses of compost and farmyard manure e.g frequency of application and method of application.

Native Plant and Tree Species

Because we grow stock onsite, Cottage Farm Nurseries can supply you with bedding plants, hanging baskets, bulbs and shrubs which are native to the Bedford area. When integrated into local landscapes, our stock never suffers from temperature or light variation. It’s a well-known fact that native plants, native laurel hedging and native herbaceous perennials adapt better to soil conditions when grown and planted in the same region.

Buy from a local garden nursery and you won’t need to be as vigorous in the use of pesticides, treated water or fertiliser (e.g compost / farmyard manure), and your plants will be hardier.

Resistance to Disease

It takes a certain amount of time and patience to grow bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs and laurel hedging from seed. Time and patience are two qualities we have in abundance, and we nurture our seeds with care to produce healthy, mature plants that take much of the hard work out of your hands. Because our garden nursery near Bedford uses superior feeders and grows its stock in top-grade soil, using compost, farmyard manure and similar fertilisers as and when most effective, our plants, shrubs and hedges look better and live longer.

Just as importantly, good health in a sold product means good health in your garden. Our stock travels well and remains resistant to disease throughout its lifetime.

Free from Foreign Pests and Contaminants

Choosing bedding plants, hanging baskets and shrubs from a local garden nursery allays any fears you might have over foreign pests and environmental contaminants. Stock grown in other countries can introduce pests into gardens and this can impact the aesthetic and economic values of Bedford properties. Foreign pests also compromise the health of existing plants, shrubs, bulbs, native hedging, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials.

Cottage Farm Nurseries can guarantee a product free from pest infestations and contaminants, and one that will thrive because of local growth benefits and our committed approach to their care from seed.

Call our garden nursery on 01234 838383. Located in Cardington Village, we welcome trade and retail customers from all nearby Bedford areas.