Plants and Shrubs in Milton Keynes, Bedford and the Surrounding Areas | Autumn and Winter

Cottage Farm Nurseries has everything you need to add colour and interest to your garden throughout the colder autumn and winter months. Choose plants for beds, shrubs for borders, or baskets and containers to add visual appeal in otherwise uncoloured areas of your property. Our garden nursery, located in Cardington Village, welcomes customers from Bedford, Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas – trade or retail.

A convenient location in Bedfordshire makes us accessible from all nearby counties, including Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, and we regularly welcome visitors from locations such as Ampthill, Biggleswade, Hitchin and St Neots.

Cottage Farm Nurseries cultivates all bedding plants and shrubs onsite.

Our garden nursery has more than 30 separate colours of pansies and violas in stock, including mixed colours, grown with care at our own premises so we can offer you superior bedding plants, with more variety, at a much lower price.

Cottage Farm Nurseries also grows primroses and polyanthus. Polyanthus are similar to primroses, but their flowers stand proud of the plant leaves. We have mixed and separate colours of both. Bellis is another hardy favourite, and one which brightens up the garden with pretty daisy-like flowers.

Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) is a popular flowering favourite. These short-lived perennials self-seed to come back year after year. Although the flowers tend to be very small, they form a wonderful carpet of beautiful colour when in bloom.

Wallflowers make another good seasonal choice and customers should never overlook them. Hardy enough to thrive in even the poorest of soils, wallflower bedding plants and shrubs produce scented, colourful flowers in both dwarf (Tom Thumb) and tall varieties (Harlequin).

Hanging Baskets from Clare | Our Onsite Florist

Clare, the resident florist at Cottage Farm Nurseries, has formal training and is renowned for her expertise in autumn and winter hanging baskets or containers. Clare provides a second-to-none service where customers can choose beautiful hanging baskets or containers she has already made. Alternatively, visitors to our garden nursery from the Bedford and Milton Keynes areas can bring their own baskets and containers to Clare and specify which plants they would like to use in each one.

If you prefer to make your own hanging basket or container, we have a lovely variety of winter bedding plants you could use, including heathers, cyclamen, grasses, ivy and miniature shrubs to name just a few! Use a basket or a container to add colour to an Ampthill or Biggleswade garden, or to a business in Hitchin or St Neots.

Finally, a word on bulbs. Our garden nursery stocks tulips, crocuses and daffodils, including dwarf varieties such as tête-à-tête, jet-fire, muscari (Grape Hyacinth), hyacinths, snowdrops (potted or in-the-green) and many more.

If you have any questions to ask us about the seasonal bedding plants and shrubs supplied by our garden nursery, please contact us on 01234 838383. Cottage Farm Nurseries can source everything you need for autumn or winter, usually in no more than two weeks.

Call our garden nursery on 01234 838383. We supply bedding plants and shrubs for autumn and winter to customers in Bedford, Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas.