Shrubs, Herbaceous Perennials and Bedding Plants in St Neots

Our garden nursery, in Cardington village, welcomes trade and retail customers from nearby St Neots. Indeed, we welcome everybody from all surrounding areas in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. Cottage Farm Nurseries is home to an extensive stock range, which includes important maintenance products such as natural fertilisers, including compost and farmyard manure. This page here, however, offers a valuable insight into shrubs, hanging baskets, bedding plants, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials – all of which are extremely popular with our St Neots customers.

We remind you that our garden nursery also has its own florist, Clare, and we have a full supporting product range available which includes pots and containers, garden ornaments, water features, bird baths, bird tables and even stone statues – as well as the aforementioned composts and farmyard manures.

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Our garden nursery, just 20 minutes away from nearby St Neots, defines shrubs as wood plants, usually round in shape and smaller than trees. Whereas a tree has a single trunk, shrubs have several stems which arise from the ground. In the world of garden design, shrubs define structure and also add the important elements of colour, interest and character.

Suitable for filling small borders, or equally as attractive when used to make a bolder landscaping statement, our garden nursery supplies shrubs for all soil conditions in the St Neots area, and stocks evergreen, low-growing, fragrant and flowering varieties.

Bedding Plants

Our garden nursery near St Neots describes bedding plants as seasonal flowers which people use in groups to produce a visual effect, particularly during the summer when vibrant colours transform landscapes into eye-catching centrepieces. Most bedding plants fall into the annual category, but perennials are hardier in cold conditions.

The great thing about bedding plants is that they bloom for long periods and have compact growth habits which make them particularly suitable for creating large drifts of colour in St Neots gardens. Examples of bedding plants include marigolds, petunias and begonias. They’re often well complimented by hanging baskets which can create a sense of depth / height within a garden, and bring some colour to a higher eye level. Keep in mind, some bedding plants require more maintenance than others, with some benefiting from incremental application of compost or farmyard manure.

Laurel Hedging

The practical nature of laurel hedging, and the bold aesthetic appearance it provides, makes this combination of trees, shrubs and hedging plants incredibly popular with our St Neots customers. Thousands of homes throughout the country use laurel hedging around their perimeters to increase privacy, to set defined boundaries and to improve security.

The laurel hedging at our garden nursery grows in pots, and this makes it suitable for planting at any time of the year. Cherry laurel hedging tends to be a more common choice, but Cottage Farm Nurseries grows and supplies many other varieties for customers in St Neots.

Herbaceous Perennials

The most significant benefit of herbaceous perennials is that the roots and the underground structure survive well even when the annual exterior growth dies down. Stems on herbaceous perennials tend to be soft, succulent and green. This helps growth to die down in the winter, but the hardy roots ensure a fresh emergence of growth in the spring.

Many of the St Neots customers who visit our garden nursery choose herbaceous perennials because they act as great dividers when used for bordering. Herbaceous perennials also add form and structure to landscapes, alongside features such as hanging baskets, which makes them especially suitable for large gardens.

Visit our garden nursery near St Neots to view our homegrown shrubs, hanging baskets, bedding plants, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials. Alternatively, please call us on 01234 838383.