Herbaceous Perennials in Biggleswade | Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

For homeowners in Biggleswade who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space in which to relax and unwind, a garden can be a real pleasure. Following a visit to our garden nursery in Cardington Village, they can create a world of colour and fragrance thanks to our range of bedding plants, hanging baskets, laurel hedging, shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

However, although delightful in full bloom, a garden can be a challenge to maintain. That’s why we provide many products that can help you keep on top of it, such as high quality compost and farmyard manure. We’ve also looked to provide some tips below…

Old age, ill health or a busy lifestyle can prevent you from maintaining the outdoor space of your Biggleswade property. Sometimes, homeowners simply don’t enjoy gardening. Whatever the obstacle, Cottage Farm Nurseries can help create a stunning garden to suit your needs with very little required in terms of maintenance.

From selecting the right bedding plants and herbaceous perennials, to implementing decorative trees, laurel hedging and hanging baskets, there are plenty of timesaving and easy tips that can maximise the potential of a garden with minimal effort.

Some of these include:

  • Evergreen shrubs, such as daphne and holly, are attractive and colourful all year round. We stock a wide range of these popular shrubs at our garden nursery. Not only does the foliage remain green throughout the seasons; these shrubs produce flowers or berries at different times of the year, resulting in an extra pop of colour. Once planted, evergreen shrubs require minimal maintenance, aside from the occasional trim.
  • Building raised beds with stone, brick or railway sleepers gives homeowners in Biggleswade the ability to incorporate bedding plants and flowers into a garden design without having to spend days on their hands and knees. Stand or sit while you plant an array of specimens, all available at our popular garden nursery.
  • If mowing the lawn is an increasingly tiresome, difficult task, consider replacing grass with a patio, gravel or even decking. Lining the area with laurel hedging, decorative trees and shrubs, or climbing plants and trellises supplied by our garden nursery, can keep a paved garden from looking too “urban”.
  • Compared to other types of bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, such as geraniums and salvias, save you time and effort as they only need planting once. Herbaceous perennials live for at least two years, dying down to ground level during the autumn and winter months before growing again in spring. Different bedding plants have different requirements in regards to fertiliser, with many benefiting from a natural option such as compost or farmyard manure, which we supply the Biggleswade area.
  • Top-dressing beds with gravel or wood chippings can keep weeds at bay, making your garden look neater as well as reducing weeding time. We supply such materials at our garden nursery.
  • Installing a sprinkler system or adding an attachment to your garden hose will make watering your bedding plants, shrubs, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials easier than ever before. It also spares you from having to carry a heavy watering can around the garden. Sprinklers can even cover hanging baskets depending on their height and the sprinkler’s position and settings.

For a truly low-maintenance garden, paving the entire area is no doubt the easiest option. Thanks to the selection of ready-planted pots, hanging baskets and decorative trees and shrubs at our garden nursery, any patio in Biggleswade can burst with colour and fragrance.

However, if you prefer to keep your lawn, consider downsizing it with a pathway or decking. You can also replace any seasonal bedding plants bordering the lawn with herbaceous perennials, or with evergreen shrubs like lavender and euonymus, as well as with easy-grow laurel hedging such as the Japanese Laurel.

Of course, you could always lay down artificial grass and decorate your garden with plastic plants but, at Cottage Farm Nurseries we believe the natural look best suits any home in the Biggleswade area; a commitment to naturalism is also why we sell competitively priced compost and farmyard manure, an alternative to synthetic / chemical fertilisers.

Call our garden nursery on 01234 838383 and discover how we can help you to create a low-maintenance garden for your Biggleswade home.