Shrubs, Hedging and Bedding Plants in Milton Keynes | Planning a Garden

Visit our garden nursery in Cardington Village for bedding plants that add a splash of colour to your landscape, or for shrubs to create a backdrop. Define boundaries or screen your Milton Keynes home with laurel hedging native to our region, or come and see our resident florist, Clare, and have hanging baskets and containers made to order – either from our own stock, or in baskets and containers you already own yourself. We can even supply any quantity of compost or farmyard manure that you need to keep your outdoor space provided for on a nutritional level.

We’re here to help turn an idea or a concept into a stunning reality that inspires, and one which also boosts the aesthetic and economic value of any property in the nearby Milton Keynes area.

Our garden nursery grows bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs, native hedging, laurel hedging and herbaceous perennials onsite, from seed, so our trade and retail customers never need to worry about issues over transportation, local soil conditions, light and temperature variation, pest infestations, environmental contaminants or aggressive treatments.

Bedding Plants for a Welcome Spread of Colour

Most homeowners in the Milton Keynes area value the impact of colour in a garden during the warmer summer months. Our bedding plants add instant kerb appeal when used in beds and borders, in planters, and in hanging baskets or containers. Visit our garden nursery and walk away with a selection of homegrown products which fill garden space not just with colour, but also with lingering scents that make it a pleasure to live, work or relax outdoors.

Begonia, Busy Lizzie, Sweet Pea, Geranium and Petunia are all popular bedding plants for summer use, and contrast with shrubs and with native or laurel hedging by adding a stark contrast of colour to any landscape. If you need assistance with properly looking after and nurturing your bedding plants, for example through the use of natural fertiliser e.g compost or farmyard manure, our friendly team are always willing to provide advice.

Shrubs for Definition and a Landscaping Backdrop

Shrubs, in turn, contrast with the colour of bedding plants to create foundations for landscapes, or backdrops, but can also add a level of privacy, much like laurel hedging, to complement their definition. Choose evergreen shrubs for a Milton Keynes garden and enjoy leaves and colours throughout the year. Alternatively, use our garden nursery for deciduous shrubs and have stunning displays later in the year, especially the late summer or early autumn months.

Always consider size when planting shrubs, particularly height and width. A little planning, and only choosing a species that has enough room to grow healthily in your outdoor space, stops potential issues with obstructions and light blocking.

Laurel Hedging for Screening and Boundaries

Use hedging to screen areas around your Milton Keynes property and gain some welcome privacy without the hard appearance of fencing or walls. Laurel hedging is a fast-growing evergreen that homeowners can cut back hard to retain its shape and height. Suitable for most soil conditions, and equally as healthy in full sun or shade, laurel hedging also acts as a windbreak, reduces sound pollution and provides shelter for native wildlife.

Used alongside bedding plants and shrubs, both supplied by our garden nursery, laurel hedging completes a landscaping theme perfectly and works particularly well in urban areas, such as Milton Keynes, because it also reduces air pollution from passing traffic.

Please visit our website gallery to see examples of our bedding plants, hanging baskets, shrubs and laurel hedging, established in landscapes across the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas. Also keep in mind the utility products we provide to commercial and residential clients alike, such as compost and farmyard manure.

Call our garden nursery on 01234 838383. Located in Cardington Village, we welcome trade and retail customers from all nearby Milton Keynes areas.